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Buy a Book, Sherlock, and Help Save Undershaw

A montage of Sherlock Holmes featuring Basil Rathbone, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett, and Peter Cushing

Buy a Select Sherlock Holmes title from MX Publishing before Friday, 17 August, and Help Save Undershaw (or buy The Empty House after and still help)

Yes, I’m going to get today’s caption up shortly, but int he meantime here’s some breaking news from MX Publishing.

To celebrate the success of Sherlock Holmes Week, we’ve put together a small collection of the 3 books whose royalties go to the Save Undershaw Campaign.

Sherlock’s Home – The Empty House  (Sherlockology)

An Entirely New Country  (Alistair Duncan)

56 Sherlock Holmes Stories in 56 Days  (Charlotte Walters)

This Friday, 17th August, is the birthday of the publisher behind all these books, and Steve will donate an additional £5 ($8) for each collection that is bought from now to before midnight on Friday. There’s free USA and UK shipping too. Open to USA, UK and Europe.

MX Publishing USA        MX Publishing UK (inc Europe) 

Needless to say, I am violating my budget to add a title or two to my collection (and as gifts what with the Holidays and birthdays approaching). I encourage you to do likewise and spread the word.



Buy a Clue, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes in his blue dressing gown looking puzzled

Why does Irene Adler keep sending me copies of the 50 Shades of Gray books with a dinner invitation?


You Should Get Yourself a Hobby

by J.H. Watson
~ 950 words

“Sherlock, you got another package. You know, dear, it’s cheaper if they send everything at once instead of one book at a time.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Hudson.”

Sherlock Holmes didn’t bother to look up from the paper, but simply put out his hand to receive the box. John Watson did look up from his plate and said, “That’s six this month, eighteen in the last two?”

Sherlock continued to avoid the questioning stares of the other two people. “What an amazing memory you have, John. Too bad you couldn’t remember to drop off your laundry before you ran out of socks.”

“How did you know— Never mind. Don’t tell me.”

Mrs. Hudson wandered away to putter in the kitchen, making the occasional “tsk” noise and once gasping after she opened the microwave. John took another three bites of his breakfast before asking, “So what’s in the boxes? Books?”

“Another brilliant deduction given their size, shape, weight and source.” Sherlock rattle the newspaper as he turned a page. He still would not meet John’s gaze.


At this suggestion, Sherlock  did look up from his paper and stared into space. After a few seconds, he said, “I wonder.” He jumped up, grabbed the box and took off for his bedroom.

“Now what was that all about?” Mrs. Hudson asked coming in wiping her hands on a tea towel.

John shook his head and replied, “I have no idea. I just hope it’s not too messy.”

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It’s An Experiment, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes with a stupid expression on his face

OhhhMyGurrrhd, John! U drurrgghed Meh Kaffee!



by J.H. Watson

~450 words


Sherlock was bent over his microscope. “John, where’s my coffee?”


John Watson set a cup beside Sherlock’s hand on the table that had been converted into a chemical research station. Steam rose from the cup along with the smell of first class Kona coffee beans perfectly prepared. John watched Sherlock sniff, look up from the scope, and reach for the cup. John hovered as Sherlock took a sip. John asked, “How is it? Need more sugar?”

“No.” Sherlock took a large drink and held it in his mouth a moment before swallowing. “Not the usual brand.”

“It’s a new specialty brand. They were giving away samples at the market. I picked it up while I was doing the shopping. Like it?”

Sherlock finished the cup. “Not bad. I’ll have another cup.”

John smiled slightly as he took the cup Sherlock held out so peremptorily to him. He went into the kitchen and prepared another cup. John put it into Sherlock’s waiting hand when he returned.

After a moment Sherlock looked up from the scope and took a sip. “It tastes slightly different.”

“Does it? Maybe it’s from sitting in the pot.”

“No. More sugar.” Sherlock shoved the cup towards John and went back to his scope. When John returned, he placed the cup beside Sherlock’s scope and then stood there watching.

“John, why are you hovering?”

“Am I?”

“Yes. It’s annoying. Go away.”

John moved to the desk in the living room and opened his computer. He began typing in his own bizarre technique, but Sherlock was aware John was still watching him. He went back to his scope. A few moments later, Sherlock looked up sharply, a startled expression on his face.

“Something wrong?” John asked.

Sherlock frowned. “No.” He looked back into the scope. A moment later he looked up again, his face pale and puzzled.

John typed something into the computer as he asked, “What are you seeing?”

“Nohhh-thhh—” Sherlock stopped in mid-word. He shook his head and blinked. “Jawhn, summm-thinnz whrung.”

John typed something else. “Tell me what you’re seeing? Can you tell me what you are seeing?”

Sherlock began swatting at the air in and staggering around the room in an uncoordinated fashion. “Bhattz! Bhattz ehvreewharz!”

“Oh, good. What color are they?” John continued to type on the computer.

“Wahhhtz gurring awnnn?”

“Lestrade asked me to help study a new drug that’s hit the streets and is spreading on the universities. I know how it works on an average mind so I had to try it on a superior one.”

“Yooo dur-rugghed meh?”

“It was in the sugar. Relax. It’s all scientifically controlled. You’ll be fine as soon as it passes through your system. Now describe these bats.”



You Are Not the Only One Asking That Question, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes reading a piece of paper

I kiss Molly, nearly destroy international security and bankrupt my nation, and risk my life for a woman and still all they write is JohnLock. Why doesn’t anybody write straight Sherlock fanfic?

Frankly, sherlock, I couldn’t agree more. I mean I don’t object to Johnlock, particularly if it’s witty and fun, but it would be nice to have some choices and to see folks creatively explore the characters we’ve got. I’ve got to agree with Moffat that it’s a sad commentary on our culture if people equate love and sex and can’t believe in love without sex. Heaven knows they have no problem in believing sex without love! Or perhaps it’s a sad commentary on the state of what we call “friendship” that we no longer believe in deep, true commitments without a sexual connotation. Or maybe it’s just a sad commentary on our level of cultural decadence that sex has become so all consuming.

And yes, I’m attempting to put my fingers where my blogging is and am working on some non-Johnlock (besides the Holmes Boys). It’s just that the ruddy thing has taken on a life of it’s own and grown well beyond what I originally planned, so it’s taking longer than anticipated. However, if someone has some non-Johnlock fanfic to recommend (besides Alone on the Water), please do so below. I can either hunt for good fanfic or try to write new things.

Oh, and let me know if you’d like to see a fanfic “review/discussion” part added to this site where folks can make recommendations and leave lists of things they particularly enjoy. I know there are the fanfic sites and networks, but I was thinking along the lines a Goodreads-type or Listomania-type section so we don’t have to spend our lives trolling for the kind of thing we really want. Granted there is this Tumblr site.

And one more thing, how about some flash fanfic? I know there is some on Tumblr. There’s this one for Johnlock, although there appears to be some non-Johnlock (can we come up with a better term for this? How about John-lock for straight Sherlock fanfic?).

I’m working on a fanfic resources list because there are some folks who like the collected together like the reading lists.

Right. Sherlock’s texting me so I’d better go see what he wants before he gets all shirty.

Sherlock and Company Say Thanks for the Party

Martin Freeman as John Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Rupert Graves as D.I. Lestrade looking solemnly at something off camera

Sherlock: Well, I’m certainly not cleaning that up. It was in honor of me after all.


A bit bleary-eyed after the Sherlock Holmes Appreciation Assembly, but surprisingly upright (it was at the library so no alcohol). I’m not certain that will be the case if the BBC Sherlock Marathon I was conned into offering actually happens within the next 3 weeks. Someone already mentioned everyone bringing wine.

Meanwhile, a Big Sherlock Holmes Appreciation Assembly Shout Out to the following:


Teresa Schmid for helping set up, staying all day and making the tea table look so lovely (I ended up with a 100 extra fairy cakes/cupcakes that are heading to the Food Bank or the homeless shelter.)

Becky Maltbie and Cora Pond (no relation to Amelia apparently) for helping to tear down and load the Prius (why yes, it does get great gas mileage but it also does a smashing impersonation of a station wagon). I actually made it to bed before 10 p.m.

Linty Hopie for the loan of the air pot (I’m having the last of the coffee as I type and it’s still hot!).

Mary Brelsford for the loan of several thermoses and for coming in the afternoon and joining The Great Game discussion.

I’d also like to thank the folks who offered prizes (even though we didn’t get to give all of them away, alas. We’ll start sooner next year and give folks more time for costuming, cosplay and artwork entries.

Donors included:

Odyssey Bookes, Port Angeles, WA (2 tickets to the Steampunk Ball)

Port Book and News, Port Angeles, WA (a gift card)

Steampunk Holmes (a copy of The Legacy of the Nautilus)

Our video winner was Heidi Berthiuame of Plano, TX.

We also gave out a couple of age-appropriate prizes to two young boys who came with their family, but they were so excited after watching The Great Mouse Detective and checking out a library book that they raced off before I could get their names (I suspect the fairy cakes and biscuits may have something to do with their energy…)

Jeremy Brett was the winner of Best Sherlock in the traditional category. Basil Rathbone was a close second.

Benedict Cumberbatch was the hands-down winner in the alternate universe category.

Martin Freeman and Jude Law were tied for the Best Watson, while it was universally agreed that prior to the 21st Century, the Watsons were portrayed as too bumbling and dense compared to the character in the canon who was both a man of letters, a trained physician and a cosmopolitan military veteran. (Personally, I argued that Martin Freeman is the Best Watson Ever!)

Attendance was small (around 20 people) but we had some Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts who had a lot of fun discussing and debating the relative merits of various stories and incarnations, shared favorite pastiche novels, and expressed delight in finding others in the area. We also had a number of Sherlock Holmes newbies who were startled to find out that this entire world was out there. A number of folks were introduced to the art of well, fan art, as well as fan videos, fanfic, and Tumblr (although after fielding a question on the Sherlock/John relationship, I did provide a lot of caution about Spoilers and graphic artwork and content…)

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of things to put away and return today. And then I have to turn to class prep for next week.

Happy Sherlock Holmes Week and thank you to everyone for your support!

p.s. Photos going up shortly. I have to find the cameras…



Sherlock Holmes Haiku Fanfic Contest Entries

So far the only entries have been for BBC Sherlock — from me so no voting/ranking necessary. Please feel free to send in yours or enter them in the comments below. We will need a valid email address to award any prizes.

BBC Sherlock Season 2 Haikus by J.H. Watson

Haiku is a highly addictive form. As with pistachios, it’s difficult to stop at just one.


Digital colored-pencil of Molly Hooper from the BBC series Sherlock confronted by Sherlock Holmes

Forgive Me

Dear Molly Hooper,
You gave me life in the fall;
Forgive the winter.


Digital watercolor and pencil of Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes from BBC series Sherlock

Tell Him I’m Sorry

Icy winter’s chill
in error kills the green leaf.
The thaw came too late.


Collage illustration featuring the newspaper headlines and images of the blah coat worn by Sherlock Holmes in the BBC seriesSuicide of Fake Genius

Bloody black coat falls,
flapping in strong winds,
discarded. Styles change.


Digital watercolor and ink of Martin Freeman as John Watson in the BBC series Sherlock

Stop This

Black marble reflects
gray skies, the light enshrouded.
Battle lost. Rain falls.


Reading List: Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Anthologies

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Anthologies

Click Here to download the Sherlock Holmes Reading and Resources Lists in PDF Format.

A partial listing of the collections of new short stories by authors as varied as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Anne Perry, Tanith Lee, Sharyn McCrumb and many more.

Help Save Undershaw!

  • Sherlock’s Home: The Empty House (a collection of short stories and poems in support of the The Undershaw Preservation Trust)
  • A Study in Sherlock: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon, edited by Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger, 2011
  • Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Charles Prepolec and Jeff Campbell, 2011
  • Gaslight Crimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Jeff Campbell and Charles Prepolec, 2008
  • Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes, edited by J. R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec, 2009
  • The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, edited by John Joseph Adams, 2009
  • The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures, edited by Mike Ashley, 2009
  • Murder in Baler Street: New Tales of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg, Daniel Stashower, 2001
  • Shadows Over Baker Street: New Tales of Terror, edited by Michael Reeves and John Pelan, 2005
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook, edited by Howard Hopkins, 2011
  • Sherlock Holmes in Orbit, edited by Mike Resnick and Martin Harry Greenberg, 1997

If you have any additional anthologies to add to list, please add a comment below.

Reading List: Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Novels

 The Original Core List Source: http://home.earthlink.net/~glennbranca/unclubables/id12.html

On the site above,  the list is color coded to warn about the awful titles and recommend some good ones. Additional research showed the information appeared to be correct to date, but I have added some additional novels and information.

This list includes only published novels or series in which Holmes is at least one of the main characters in at least one book and that are at least 100 pages in length.

Please feel free to use the comment sections to recommend additional titles to the list.

Click here to download Sherlock Holmes Reading and Resources Lists in PDF format.

  • Adams, Guy: THE BREATH OF GOD (Titan, 2011)
  • Andrews, Val: SHERLOCK HOLMES & THE EMINENT THESPIAN (Ian Henry, 1988)
  • Andrews, Val: SHERLOCK HOLMES & THE YULE-TIDE MYSTERY (Breese, 1996) Continue reading

Reading List: Complete Sherlock Holmes Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Complete list of Sherlock Holmes mystery stories
written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“The Adventure of …” is often dropped from some story titles in current editions and anthologies. In their original appearance in The Strand magazine, the titles were given as listed below.

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

  • A Scandal in Bohemia
  • The Red-Headed League
  • A Case of Identity
  • The Boscombe Valley Mystery
  • The Five Orange Pips
  • The Man with the Twisted Lip
  • The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
  • The Adventure of the Speckled Band
  • The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb
  • The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
  • The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
  • The Adventure of the Copper Beeches

Continue reading

The Holmes Boys Series #2: I’d Like To See You Try

“I’ll be mother.” — Mycroft Holmes

“There is an entire childhood in a nutshell.” — Sherlock Holmes, BBC Sherlock

I’d Like To See You Try

by J.H. Watson



Sherlock had reached the Terrible Twos. Mycroft had read about it in the books he’d “borrowed” from the local library. He considered it borrowing because he had every intention of returning them. Eventually. He would have checked them out properly but the librarians had said he was too young and could only have books from the children’s section. As if there was anything in the children’s section at his level. At nine Mycroft read at a college level, but unfortunately there was no reasoning with some people. Alright, most people actually. Mummy was right. Most people were incredibly stupid.

And right now there was no reasoning with Sherlock. Mycroft would never call his baby brother stupid. Willful, stubborn, exasperating, but not stupid.

“Sherlock, come along. Eat your dinner.”

“No!” Sherlock folded his thin little arms across his chest, clamped his lips tightly shut, and turned down the corners of his mouth in a pouty scowl.

“Now Sherlock, you know you have to eat. If you don’t eat you will grow weak and get sick.”


Sherlock was already too thin as far as Mycroft was concerned. The pediatrician had suggested Sherlock was a bit underweight for his age and size. Mummy had said thin was better than fat and given him a significant look, but then she’d told the nanny that the boys couldn’t leave the table until Sherlock’s plate was clean. And if Sherlock didn’t finish his meals he was to be punished. Mycroft wasn’t certain what the punishment would be, but he was certain Sherlock wouldn’t like it, and Mycroft wouldn’t like the consequences.

“Sherlock, be reasonable. It’s very good. It’s your favourite. And there’s even treacle for pudding. Mmmm.”

“No! You eat.”

“Alright, I’ll eat a bite. Then you can eat a bite.”

“No! Two bites.”

“Okay, you’ll eat two bites.”

“No! You two bites!”

Mycroft sighed. He was already overweight. He wasn’t fat. He wouldn’t call himself fat. Mummy had talked to the pediatrician about putting him on a diet and he did seem to be getting a lot of raw vegetables with his meals. And no pudding. He took a bite off of Sherlock’s plate and tried not to grimace. Everything was laden with extra butter. The potatoes au gratin practically swam in it. Mycroft took another bite and then speared one more bit of potato and offered it to Sherlock.

Sherlock sat with his mouth a tight line. He glared at Mycroft and shook his head.

Mycroft said, “You promised. I took two bites, now you have take a bite. That’s what you arranged.”

Mycroft waited. He unconsciously nibbled on a roll. Sherlock reached out and snatched the roll from Mycroft’s hand and took a large bite. He glared at Mycroft as if daring him to take the roll back.

“You still have to eat a bite of potatoes, too,” Mycroft said.

Sherlock held the roll in his hand and stared at his brother. Mycroft didn’t look away. He kept the fork poised in front of Sherlock’s mouth. Mycroft began silently counting. When he got to forty-three, Sherlock picked up the spoon in front of him and scooped the tiniest portion of potatoes he could and slipped it in his mouth. He crinkled up his nose in distaste but kept chewing. Mycroft lowered the fork.

“No! You! Two bites!”

Mycroft sighed and ate the portion on the fork. Slowly Mycroft got Sherlock to eat some of his dinner. Mycroft told himself it was a third, although he knew it wasn’t because Sherlock took the tiniest bites he could and forced Mycroft to finish what he no longer wanted. The plate was clean except for the pudding and the roll Sherlock had carefully kept from Mycroft. Mycroft held the pudding out for Sherlock, but he clamped his lips shut again and shook his head “No!”

“Come, Sherlock, it’s the last thing. Look. I didn’t even get a pudding. Cook made it especially for you.”


“Mummy wants you to clean your plate. You want to make Mummy proud, don’t you?”


Mycroft was momentarily shocked. Everything he’d ever done in his life had been an attempt to please his mother. Then he realized that Sherlock was saying no to the food and not to making Mummy proud. At least that was what Mycroft decided Sherlock meant. It must be what Sherlock meant. It was the only thing Sherlock could possibly mean. The other interpretation was inconceivable.

The dessert called to Mycroft. It was treacle pudding. One of his favourites. Actually, Mycroft had never met a sweet he didn’t like. The sticky concoction was nearly drowned in clotted cream to add additional calories.

“Come on, Sherlock. Try at least one bite. You like sweets.”

Sherlock stared at the bowl and slowly dipped his spoon into it. He licked the sticky treacle and cream off and looked suspiciously at his older brother. “You! Eat!”

Mycroft knew he shouldn’t, but the pudding looked so good and it had been so long since he’d been allowed sweets.

“It’s your pudding, Sherlock.”


“If I take a bite, you have to take a bite.”



“No! You!”

Eventually Sherlock was persuaded to have another three bites, but Mycroft had to finish the rest to get Sherlock to eat even those bites.

Or at least that’s what Mycroft told himself. Just as Mycroft was licking the last of the treacle from the fork, the door to the nursery opened and in came Mummy. She was beautiful in a black Yves St. Laurent sheath and Armani jacket. She strode up to the table with the nervous nanny following.

“Did you eat your dinner, Sherlock?”

Mycroft held his breath expecting Sherlock to use his new favourite word. Mummy did not like being told no.


Mycroft breathed again. But not so much that his tummy bulged more. Mummy had commented yesterday on the tightness of his clothes.

“Good boy.”

Sherlock looked his mother up and down and said, “Go out.”

“Yes. Very observant.”


“Your father and I are going out to dinner.”

Mycroft watched in horror as Sherlock put on his pouty face and started to say “No!” Before Sherlock said the word, he looked again at their mother, and remained silent. Instead, Sherlock held out his hand and offered his mother the roll he held. Mummy didn’t take it. She said, “Thank you. But we’re going out to dinner with Lord and Lady Westmoreland. Nanny will take the roll. You look all sticky. Mycroft, why is he covered in treacle? I’ll shall have to speak to cook. Do try and teach him how to eat properly.”

“Yes, Mummy.”

“Getting him to eat everything was good. I expect to hear that he’s cleaned his plate from now on.”

Mycroft was torn between pride at the praise and terror at the thought of trying to force Sherlock to eat each meal. He spotted Sherlock staring at him in a calculated manner and then smiling. Mycroft quickly ran options through his head. He sighed.  At least part of his allowance would have to be spent bribing nanny to let out his clothes.

After Mummy gave both boys air kisses so as not to risk getting too close to sticky Sherlock or damage her make-up, she left with Nanny in tow carrying the empty trays downstairs.

“Sherlock, let’s get your bath, put you in your pajamas, and get you ready for bed.”



“No! Game!”

Mycroft sighed. “Alright, we can play one game, but only after you are clean and in your pajamas.”

Sherlock was surprisingly cooperative as Mycroft got the bath ready. Sherlock had even stood like a little prince with his arms out waiting for Mycroft to disrobe him. But once placed in the water, the glint in his eye and small twitch at the corner of his mouth warned Mycroft that his baby brother was planning something. As Mycroft leaned forward to begin lathering him, Sherlock splashed water with both hands hitting Mycroft square in the face. Mycroft sputtered. Sherlock laughed and splashed wildly.

“Sherlock! Stop it!”


Mycroft grabbed a towel and dried his face while saying, “If you don’t stop, you’ll get me all wet. I’ll have to go change and there won’t be any time for a game.”

Sherlock, who’d been madly giggling as he splashed with both his hands and feet, paused. His face took on a thoughtful expression and Mycroft would have sworn he could see his baby brother’s mind processing all of the possibilities of his continuing to splash. Sherlock scowled and said, “‘K. Game and story.”

Mycroft knew he shouldn’t give in, but he was tired and still had lessons to finish. “Alright, a game and one, just one, story.”

Sherlock gave a huge sigh, but merely pouted as Mycroft finished bathing and diapering him and put him in his p.j.s. Once Mycroft set him down on the nursery floor, Sherlock strode to the middle and said, “Game!”

“Give me a minute. I have to clean the bath room and put your clothes in the hamper.”



Sherlock stamped his foot, folded his arms over his chest, and glared at Mycroft. But he didn’t say anything else until Mycroft returned.

“Okay, which game. Ball?”

“No! Game!”

“Which game?”

“Game! Game! Game!”

Then Mycroft realized what Sherlock wanted. It had been a way to distract Sherlock after lunch while Nanny ate. “Alright, I’ll close my eyes and and you change something. Tell me when you are ready and I’ll tell you what you changed.”

Mycroft closed his eyes. He could hear Sherlock’s bare feet patter across the floor several times. Finally, Sherlock called out, “Now!”

Mycroft opened his eyes and slowly turned around scanning the entire nursery. “You put the bear on the window seat. You took your cup and put it by Nanny’s chair. You picked up your pillow but put it back almost in the same place. And…you tossed your shoes in the trash.”

Sherlock clapped and giggled as Mycroft fished the shoes out of the trash. Then he said, “Me! Me! Me!”

Mycroft looked at his brother. “You want to close your eyes and have me make a change?”


Mycroft hesitated. “Alright. But just one game and then a story and then to bed.”

Sherlock didn’t say anything, but closed his eyes tightly, scrunching up his face. Mycroft looked around the room. He didn’t want to make it too hard and discourage Sherlock. He took the bright blue elephant that sat on Sherlock’s bed and put it in the wardrobe. “Ready,” he said.

Sherlock opened his eyes, turned once around the room, frowned and said, “‘lphunt.”

“Good,” said Mycroft, but before he could say anything else, Sherlock padded over to the wardrobe and tried to open the door. Mycroft was surprised and pleased. He went over and pulled the elephant out of the wardrobe. Sherlock grabbed it. It was almost as big as he was as he held it close with two arms.

“Okay, we’ve played a game. Now a story and bedtime.”

“No! Again! Hard.”

“Sherlock, you agreed.”

“No! Again! Hard!”

Mycroft thought of all the math problems he had to finish before he could go to sleep. Perhaps just one more game. Besides, he was curious how well Sherlock would do.

“One more game. But only one. And I’m going to make it very hard, so no crying if you can’t solve it.”

Sherlock smiled. “‘K.” He closed his eyes and scrunched his face again, the elephant still held in a tight squeeze.

Mycroft moved quickly around the room making a few changes. Then he walked around the room just to make more noise and confuse Sherlock. “Now?” Sherlock asked with eyes still closed. “Now,” said Mycroft.

Sherlock opened his eyes and looked slowly around the room. He let go of the elephant who dropped the inch to the floor and fell over. Then Sherlock pointed at the nanny’s rocker and said, “Knit.” Next he pointed to the dresser and said, “Brush.” He pointed to his bedside table and said, “Cup.” Sherlock stared at his brother.

“Very good, Sherlock!” Mycroft had stuffed Nanny’s knitting under the chair cushion, put the hair brush out of sight, and put Sherlock’s cup in the nightstand drawer. Sherlock had missed only one thing. One small thing that Mycroft would have been very surprised if Sherlock had spotted it. “Now it’s time for a story and bed.”

Mycroft took his hand and helped him into bed. As Mycroft tucked Sherlock in, Sherlock yawned and said, “Shoe.”

Mycroft stopped. “What?”

Sherlock pointed at Mycroft and said, “ Shoe. Tie.”

Mycroft’s eyes widened. “Very good, Sherlock.” He reached down and took off the shoe that he’d unlaced before. Then he untied the other shoe and took it off and climbed onto the bed to sit beside his brother. “How about Where the Wild Things Are?”


“Which book then?”


Mycroft sighed. He now knew Sherlock was only pretending that he couldn’t spot Waldo. It was going to be a long night.

### The End ###